Brown City Day’s Festival Winners

The first race for 2024 is in the books and was a great success, considering the Michigan weather. The driver’s had fun racing along with playing slip and slide in the mud.
Superior Motorsports has much to be thankful for! First, thank you to our host, Brown City Festival, for organizing a fun weekend for the community. Next, thank you to the Brown City Rotary Club for sponsoring the bump ‘n’ run along with all the time they put into making a quality racetrack for the city. Lastly, thank you to all the driver’s that showed their support by racing.

Congratulations Winners!

Youth Stock Heat 1:
1st – Nolan Siegler #913
2nd – Noah Hanner #14x
3rd – Gabe Kile #99K
Youth Stock Heat 2:
1st – Tim Hartwick #231
2nd – Madi Scribner #84E
3rd – Hunter Wrobel #B76
Youth MOD Heat:
1st – Jordan Carlyle #22
2nd – Dylan Carlyle #0806
3rd – Nicole Hewitt #99x
Powder Puff Heat:
1st – Katlynn Carlyle #0529
2nd – Terra Carlyle #22x
3rd – Deanna Hurley #57

1st Place Stock Winner
Hayden Thorner #828
2nd Place Stock Winner
Lucus Mills #L91
3rd Place Stock Winner
Jon Bellmer #17
1st Place MOD Winner
Brandon Potts #57x
2nd Place MOD Winner
Brett Hutchinson #B97
3rd Place Mod Winner
Lee Brand #218

See you at the next race.
Up next, North Branch Lion’s Bump ‘n’ Run June 29, 2024 at 7pm.